The Next Generation in Wireless Infrastructure Has Arrived

Edgewater Wireless is revolutionizing WiFi infrastructure with our patented (over 20 and counting) WiFi3 technology and Next Generation Access Points. WiFi3 is the difference, delivering up to 50x greater throughput vs traditional WiFi and dramatically lowering network infrastructure investment.

Edgewater Wireless commercializes leading edge wireless technologies for the service provider market. With a rich patent portfolio and some of the world’s most talented engineers, Edgewater Wireless is developing what service providers and your customers have long been asking for — vastly improved WiFi network performance across a variety of industries and challenging environments with unparalleled performance, high flexibility and unsurpassed security.

Why get stuck with traditional WiFi when you can move to Next Generation WiFi3 with Edgewater Wireless.

Edgewater Wireless at a Glance:

  • Founded in 1988 by Edgewater Computer Systems
  • Over $50 Million invested in the development of Edgewater Wireless Products
  • Publicly Traded on Toronto Stock Exchange Venture Board
  • Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada
  • Worldwide Distribution Network
  • Sales Partners in UK, Brazil, Peru, Asia and USA