In 2012, mobile technology growth is exploding ¬†and the demand for data has multiplied exponentially – more than anyone could have predicted. The rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets is driving explosive growth in the WiFi Access Point market. this growth is creating huge challenges for Access Point Manufacturers, Systems Integrators, Services Providers and Enterprise IT Managers because of the inherent nature of single-channel WiFi technology. With 1000′s of access points being deployed daily around the world, the issues of interference, performance and security are now a common everyday occurrence.

Today WiFi3 technology is the answer to solving these problems because WiFi3 technology is designed for the needs of modern mobile data usage.

WiFi3 mitigates interference issues and dramatically improves network performance common in dirty, high density & complex RF environments delivering exponential performance, unsurpassed security and extreme flexibility for carrier-class WiFi applications.

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