WiFi3 For High Density

WiFi3 Addresses the Evolving Issues of Interference & Capacity

The best solution for High-Density WiFi networks, Edgewater Wireless WiFi3™ powered access point products enable innovative service providers to plan, build and deploy reliable, high-capacity services (like VoWiFI) for high-density & data demand in any environment.

Do more with less! Fewer access points delivering high quality service at a lower overall deployment cost. Make our patented WiFi3™ technology the right choice for your next WiFi network.

WiFi Networks Need to Adapt to Demand and User Density

With traditional Wi-Fi, most networks were designed based on the ranges delivered by 802.11 standard operating 2.4 GHz protocols for distance and performance. This model worked when everyone was walking around with just one Wi-Fi enabled device.

Fast-forward to today, the average user has 2-3 Wi-Fi enabled devices, all drawing down data from the network and seriously impacting network performance.

Today, network planners have a choice. They can make the jump to 802.11 ac – the “latest” 802.11 standard, which boasts extremely good performance in close proximity but diminishes quickly at distance. This means the jump to 802.11 ac will cost significantly more in building the network because of the additional hardware investment required.


Network operators and service providers can leverage Edgewater Wireless WiFi3™ powered solutions to deliver reliable, high-capacity indoor/outdoor WiFi services for high-density environments.

Why is WiFi3™ the right choice?

Enterprises should be optimizing their environments for capacity and managing a high density of users/devices. Where standard WiFi tries to address these issues with more antennas, more access points and beamforming technology, WiFi3™ achieves this using a multi-channel architecture.

What’s the advantage of WiFi3™

We deliver the highest channel density available on the market today, using Edgewater Wireless patented technology which enables multiple channels on a single chip. This means aggregate output on a single WiFi3™ powered AP will outperform traditional, single channel APs.

Fewer access points delivering higher quality of service can considerably lower the cost of deployments. Remote and rural infrastructure deployments are easily achieved due to the extended network coverage and performance capabilities of WiFi3™. With WiFi3™, customers can deploy a wireless broadband network quickly and cost effectively.

802.11ac Vs WiFi3 Technical Performance

Download the 802.11ac vs WiFi3 Technical Paper and learn the real world performance advantages of 3 channels on a single radio

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High Density WiFi Technology

WiFi users demand high quality of service. Can you deliver?

Modern wireless access means always fast, always secure, always on, and always accessible WiFi. Anything less is simply inferior.

Standard WiFi routers and the “chips” inside the equipment, were designed to fit in a mobile phone – running on low power, and limiting the performance and features available on the router

Through our 20+ and counting chipset patents, Edgewater Wireless’s Smart APs are the only wireless solution to integrate WiFi3™ with carrier grade access points to deliver superior performance, rich features and greater functionality.

Edgewater Wireless’ access points are uniquely designed to handle high-density and high-demand WiFi services.

What's the best fit for Edgewater Wireless products?

Event venues and large public spaces WiFi:

  • Theatres, Campuses and Stadiums
  • Indoor and Outdoor Shopping Malls
  • Museums and Art Galleries
  • Urban Public Spaces and Parks
  • Large Enterprise Campuses

To learn more about Edgewater Wireless real-world customer success, please visit our use case page.

If you require a high-density, fully integrated theatre, stadium, event venue, hospital, or campus network – Edgewater Wireless’ delivers always fast, always secure, always on WiFi access, coupled with ironclad security needed in today’s WiFi networks.