What is PowerZoning™?

PowerZoning™ is a technique that can help wireless service providers offer fast access in these high-density, data-intensive environments in an extremely cost-effective way. It enables you to provide WiFi to many users—thousands, even—with fewer access points than you would expect.

PowerZoning™ maximizes BANDWIDTH DENSITY and coverage in a given area while improving the ability to support applications like VOIP handoff (roaming) in an environment with multiple APs. PowerZoning is “smart WiFi technology” and reduces interference between APs that may be in close proximity or operating on the same wireless channel. PowerZoning™ is configured to automatically detect and calibrate optimal power settings between multiple APs to maximize performance and QoS for your customers.

To learn how WiFi3™ and PowerZoning™ can help you build a better WiFi network or product, contact us.