MESHD is the first WiFi application of its kind to deliver a truly seamless mesh network with maximum performance, minimal bandwidth degradation and the ability to manage multiple devices with zero QoS drag because of slow or sticky clients.

MESHD with WiFi3™ delivers complete, intelligent mesh network functionality for service providers and network operators any urban, rural, venue or enterprise environment.

Optimizing Spectral Efficiency

MESHD™ Technology is an embedded software which optimizes spectral efficiency for WiFi routers and Access points (APs), increasing WiFi performance (Goodput) by up to 400%, while reducing interference levels and power consumption, especially in high user density environments.

The main advantages of MESHD

  • Increases WiFi network performance by up to 400% in high user density environments
  • Improves the QoS (Quality of Service) for connected users and things (IoE – Internet of Everything)
  • Reduces the number of APs needed in a deployment, reducing costs
  • No central controller needed
  • Fully distributed control technology
  • Auto-configuration. This feature reduces WiFi configuration time by up to 75%
  • Reduces interference levels and power consumption
  • Avoids congestion and slow data rates
  • Cloud-Based management


WiFi is a “best effort” technology meaning even a single device can dominate the performance of an Access Point – reducing the service and performance for all connected devices and destroying network Quality of Service. MESHD is designed specifically to address mesh network deployments where multiple devices connected to the network associate at a variety of rates.

WiFi3™ enabled Access Points with MESHD, broadcasts from three to six independent, concurrent channels. WiFi3™ offers 3 channels in 2.4Ghz on the same radio and up to 3 channels in 5Ghz on the same radio. MESHD enables network operators and service providers to designate channels specifically for Point-to-Point applications WITHOUT significant performance drops for devices connected to the network. Connected, dedicated mesh channels operate independently from dedicated device-only channels in the network.

MESHD  – the first true, intelligent mesh network for WiFi and IOT networks, only available with WiFi3™ .