WIFI3 Explained

The Advantages of WiFi3tm

for High Density Environments

Edgewater Wireless high-density, high-capacity WiFi routers and solutions integrated with WiFi3tm deliver next generation performance to meet the accelerating demand for cost effective, reliable and robust data networking and high-capacity throughput in one of the fastest growing industries in the world – Wireless Communications.WiFi3 Logo

WiFi3 Explained

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Exponential Throughput

WiFi3tmAccess Points have exponential throughput capacity (up to 50X performance improvement) when compared with single-channel Access Points (APs).

Throughput performance is important for Mobile Carriers, WISPS and Enterprise Customers where capacity has become a significant challenge in wireless networks because of the overwhelming demand for data and the number of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices accessing the limited mobile/cellular spectrum.broadband network quickly and for less money and significantly reduced operational and management expense.

Lower Cost of Deployment Reduces CapEx

For service providers and systems integrators, cost of deployment is dominated by the hardware investment and installation services costs of the AP network. WiFi3tm technology will reduce the number of APs installed per deployment and dramatically reduce your CapEx investment for hardware, installation and provisioning.

Service providers, WISP operators and systems integrators want to maximize the ROI per unit deployed while improving customer QoS. WiFi3 also allows you to provide DIFFERENTIATED SERVICES or APPLICATIONS at different billing rates on a per “wireless channel” basis or on a “per VAP” basis. The flexibility to manage customer services INCREASES THE AMOUNT OF BILLINGS PER INSTALLED AP and differentiating from your competitors.

Similarly, for Enterprises (Business, Stadium, Airport, Train Stations, Resort), WiFi3tm enables you to deploy fewer APs while supporting multiple internal Wireless needs (open clients, secure internal, ultra-secure executive, private, Point of Sale) with unique SSIDs and encryption settings.

Extreme Flexibility

With the 3-channel advantage and multiple virtual channels only available with WiFi3tm, each channel can be configured to support specific types of media applications such as VoIP, Data, Streaming Video, Video Surveillance, Audio, and much more. Issues such as bursty data can interrupt video traffic – and continuous streaming video applications like Netflix can severely impact voice and data services.


POWERZONING maximizes BANDWIDTH DENSITY and coverage in a given area and improves the ability to support applications like VOIP handoff (roaming) in an environment with multiple APs. POWERZONING is “smart WiFi technology” and reduces interference between APs that may be in close proximity or operating on the same wireless channel.

POWERZONING is configured to automatically detect and calibrate optimal power settings between multiple APs to maximize performance and QoS for your customers.

Improved QoS with Spectral Surveillance

SPECTRAL SURVEILLANCE ARCHITECTURE (SSA™) enables REMOTE SITE SURVEYING – another advantage only available with WiFi3tm. SSA™ scans the spectral environment surrounding each AP deployment and enables REMOTE OPTIMIZATION of the AP to improve overall customer QoS experience by maximizing AP throughput while reduce operational costs (OpEx). Additionally, applications can be added for Automatic Interferer Avoidance in the frequency band to further improve QoS.

Unsurpassed Security

ADVANCED INTRUSION DETECTION is “onboard” every Edgewater Wireless AP to continuously scan for potential security issues in the band. This allows operators and network managers to identify if other APs are operating on non-sanctioned channels and identify if rogue APs have been deployed in the network or business environment.

Edgewater Wireless WiFi3tm enabled APs can be paired with SECURITY SCANNING APPLICATIONS to provide additional INTRUSION DETECTION, PREVENTION AND IDENTIFICATION while concurrently supporting data communications. With associated security scanning software applications, one or two channels on each AP can be dedicated to scanning while the remaining channels could provide data communications enabling a high-end wireless security system.

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