Edgewater Wireless’ WiFi3™ is backed by our growing portfolio of over 20 patents. Through these patents we have created a depth of intellectual property (IP) that makes up our WiFi3™ technology which is quickly being accepted as the solution for solving the congestion and data demand issues becoming more prevalent with high-density WiFi networks.

Edgewater Wireless offers licensing and technology integration solutions to manufacturers of OEM equipment and products for the wireless and WiFi industry to leverage our extensive patent portfolio and technology.

Edgewater Wireless Development Kit

Edgewater’s WiFi3™ Development Kit provides OEMs, and innovators of all sizes, an all-in-one prototyping pack than includes Edgewater’s latest multi-channel Wi-Fi technology combined with a license and support package. The development kit allows for easy integration and licensing of Edgewater’s multi-channel technology into various high density products including Access Points, Small Cells, Distributed Antenna Systems and Networking Hardware.

Engaging with Edgewater Wireless

To discuss integrating WiFi3™ Chipsets and Radio Cards into your product or solution please contact us.