TruMesh™ is the first product application of it’s kind to deliver a truly seamless mesh network with maximum performance, zero bandwidth degradation and the ability to manage multiple speed devices with zero QoS drag because of a slow client or clients.

Other access point product manufacturers will promote their mesh network capabilities but TruMesh™ is the only viable product to deliver a complete mesh network for any urban, rural or commercial environments.

The Issue with Single Channel Mesh Networks

It’s common knowledge in the industry that the low speed connection will dominate the performance of the Access Point reducing the service and performance for all of the clients or devices connected to that Access Point.

The traditional thinking within the WiFi industry is that advancing from 802.11b (11Mbps) to 802.11g (54Mbps) to 802.11n (300Mbps) and to 802.11ac (the Gigabit WiFi Mecca) the network performance will dramatically improve. In reality, this only applies to a very small and limited scenario – one where there are one or, maybe two clients in very close proximity to the AP. For the vast majority of Enterprise networks, this isn’t the case.

It really doesn’t matter what type of client connects to your AP and it doesn’t really matter whether it’s 802.11a b g or n. What does matter is the actual throughput (Good Put) rate between the AP and each of the connected devices. That throughput rate is a function of receiver sensitivity, and signal strength. You could have the best 802.11abgn equipment in the world, but at a certain distance, the best access point will only deliver a very low-speed connection. Of course, a slow throughput rate isn’t just a function of distance; it could also be a result of interference, poor alignment of antennas, and support for legacy equipment such as 802.11b along with a number of other factors. Regardless, a slow device on a network connected to a single channel AP will dramatically drag down the performance and the user experience of all of the user devices on the radio link.

Delivers up to 50x Improved Performance

TruMesh™ is designed specifically to address mesh network deployments where multiple devices connected to the network associate at a variety of rates.

Each TruMesh™ Access Point hosts three independent channels. By assigning slower devices to one channel, medium speed devices to a second channel and high-speed devices to a third channel, the aggregate throughput performance is over 50 times (50x) better than traditional single channel mesh solutions. TruMesh™ also comes with Intelligent Channel Association™ (ICA ™) built in, which optimizes networks where multiple devices are connected at a variety of speeds in order to dramatically improve the user experience for all of the devices using network.

Can I Integrate Multiple Single-Channel Radios Into an AP and Call it TruMesh?

Unfortunately, the answer is “no” because of something called “Adjacent Channel Interference” ACI. ACI is caused when one radio is transmitting at high-power and another radio is trying to receive at a very low power level. The transmitting radio will “wipe out” the receiver on the second radio significantly reducing its overall level of sensitivity and drive overall performance way down. Only Edgewater Wireless’ patented (over 20 and counting) next generation multi-channel WiFi technology is designed to accommodate three independent channels.

Only TruMesh™ is backboned with “Transmit Cancellation” to “cancel out” noise appearing in the receive channel to ensure 802.11 WiFi sensitivity levels are achieved.

Edgewater Wireless patented transmit cancellation techniques along with its unique wideband, multi-channel chipset provides Edgewater Wireless’ customers with a solution to achieve maximum network performance that is driving next generation WiFi infrastructure faster and further than ever before.



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