Edgewater Wireless’ Suite of next generation WiFi3 Access Point products are designed to meet the rugged requirements virtually any outdoor environment.  With Edgewater Wireless’ integrated WiFi3 technology delivering the highest performing 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi Access Point available today – up to 50X performance improvement over allstandard carrier-class WiFi Access Points.
WiFi3 is leading-edge technology delivering exponential performance, unsurpassed
security and extreme flexibility for virtually all WiFi applications
Our WiFi3 Access Points utilize wideband RF and high-performance data conversion technology, based on our unique silicon solutions, permitting simultaneous access to the full 802.11 wireless spectrum. Wideband spectrum processing enables Edgewater Wireless WiFi3access points to simultaneously communicate on multiple 802.11 bands.Edgewater Wireless Outdoor APs have wide spectrum visibility allowing the Access Point to function as a network monitor/analyzer with the ability to identify the presence and class of other devices in the 802.11 RF environment. The exponential growth of WiFi is happening on a global scale and this impressive growth the challenges of WiFi will also grow exponentially – interference, security and performance. Edgewater Wireless APs with WiFi3 mitigate interference and dramatically improve network performance common in dirty, high density & complex RF environments

Edgewater Wireless WiFi3 APs have applications for virtually any outdoor environment and are ideal for; Data Offload & Mobile Backhaul, Rural Broadband & Last Mile Infrastructure, Resorts, Hotels & Marinas, Enterprise & Education Campuses, Stadium and Special Event Venues.  Carriers and Service providers can now take advantage of the unique capabilities that Edgewater Wireless Access Points deliver with WiFi3:

Unique Performance Advantages

  • Multiple, independent channels per radio and multiple radios per Access Point (AP) that deliver exceptional throughput advantages over conventional Access Points – 162Mbps per radio
  • Basic (3-channel) configuration provides up to 50x the performance of traditional single channel access points.
  • Backboned by industry leading, proprietary data converter technology.
  • Roving Monitor technology acts as a sniffer looking for rogue or unauthorized access
  • Spectral Signature Recognition- identifies types of signals such as: frequency hoppers, microwave ovens, radar, OFDM, CCK, Bluetooth, cordless phones
  • Enables continuous, concurrent scanning and simultaneous data communications.

High Flexibility

  • Three independent channels per radio chipset
  • Four Virtual APs (VAPs) per channel expandable to multiple radios per AP.
  • QoS, encryption, data/media-types configured on a per VAP basis
  • Enhanced Quality of Service with multi-channels supporting multiple SSID’s per channel enabling enhanced QOS for:
    • data, video
    • voice; priority communication
    • variable classes of 802.11i security on a per SSID basis.
    • Extendible from 3 channels to 6 channels (3 channels per radio, 162Mbps to 324Mbps)
    • Interoperability verified through WiFi and UNH certification.


    Unsurpassed Security

    • Monitors entire communications spectrum and provides spectrally aware security across all 802.11 frequency bands.
    • 3 Channels per radio, 4 VAPs per channel, QoS, Security enabled on a per VAP basis.
    • Wideband enables spectral surveillance of the entire WiFi band simultaneously with data transfer across three channels
    • Locationing with multiple APs
    • Certified “WiFi Compliant” – Full compliance to 802.11i (AES)

    With the expected use of mobile data access requirements expected to eclipse desktop access requirements by 2014, and the lifecycle for single-channel WiFi  access points at an end, Edgewater Wireless’ proprietary, WiFi3-enabled APs delivers unparalleled next generation WiFi infrastructure technology at the lowest for virtually any outdoor application or environment.

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