Edgewater Wireless’ WiFi3 embedded access points are designed to address the needs of carrier-class WiFi deployments – indoor and outdoor. Our wideband, 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi3 radio architecture provides up to 50x greater performance over all single-channel access points in both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz, with unique applications for spectral awareness and improved security.

Each EAP3000 integrates with one or more of Edgewater Wireless’ WiFi3 radios capable of supporting three independent, asynchronous channels.  Each channel supports four virtual channels providing unbeatable flexibility for configuration. Each WiFi3 integrated radio supports Edgewater Wireless’ Spectrum Surveillance Architecture (SSA™) with the ability to identify interferers and security threats.  Independent transmit power control is supported on each channel and can be configured by the operator to optimize the network deployment.

Our products are designed with our comprehensive, user friendly and intuitive Element Management System – EdgeNet that provides service providers with tremendous flexibility in configuring and independently monitoring each 802.11 channel in the network.

Making the Difference in WiFi3

Edgewater Wireless’ WiFi3 enabled products can support a number of features that can only be achieved with our next generation WiFi infrastructure:

  • Intelligent Channel Association (ICA™) – ICA enables the operator to configure each channel to support different media, such as voice video and data, or different levels of QoS or different levels of security or different levels of throughput performance.
  • Load Balancing – enabling the operator to offload heavily loaded channels to other channels.
  • Power Zoning – with independent transmit power control per channel, APs can be configured to minimize inter-AP interference for APs that are deployed in close proximity to each other without trading off overall network performance.

Additionally, wide spectrum visibility and Edgewater Wireless’ Spectrum Surveillance Architecture (SSA™) allows the AP to function as a network monitor/analyzer, with the ability to identify the presence and class of other devices in the 802.11 RF environment.  Other solutions require a separate, expensive overarching system to be added to the network increasing the complexity and the cost of deployment.  SSA™ is “built-in” to every Edgewater Wireless Access point integrated with WiFi3.

What you knew about WiFi is now history.

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