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What is Edgewater Wireless doing differently?

The Edgewater Wireless WiFi3 enabled family of access point products delivers next generation solutions to meet the accelerating demand for cost effective, reliable and robust data access & networking and high-capacity throughput in one of the fastest growing markets in the world – Wireless Communications. With WiFi3 our customers can now achieve up to 50X greater performance when compared to all other WiFi access point technology available today.  The company’s patented (20 patents and counting) technology is a critical differentiator in the fast growing WiFi Access Point market and delivers a strong competitive advantage by delivering true multi-channel capability.

Edgewater Wireless WiFi3 solutions let service providers deliver reliable, indoor/outdoor broadband services using Next Generation WiFi technology with a lower CapEx per deployment investment and lowest cost OpEx for any commercial or enterprise WiFi deployment. Simply Put – Lower cost deployments are achieved with significantly less access points. Remote and rural infrastructure deployments can also be easily achieved due to WiFi3 ‘s extended network coverage and performance capabilities. With WiFi3, customers can deploy a wireless broadband network quickly and for less money and significantly reduced operational and management expense.

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Edgewater Wireless offers a unique opportunity and an equally unique investment opportunity for smart investors who recognize the market opportunity for WiFi technology as the proliferation of smartphones and tablets grows exponentially on a global scale.  How big is the market opportunity?  According to leading market research firm Gartner, the number of WiFi Access Points is expected to grow globally from 1.1billion in 2011 to 3.3 billion by 2015.

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