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Advancing IOT & Revolutionizing How We All Connect

With 26 billion IoT devices predicted to be connected by 2020, the need for connecting and collecting data is colossal. This demand is also driving the need for major changes in the way we deploy and manage “traditional” WiFi networks. 

If you’ve just checked into a hotel, walk around a mall or campus, at the airport, or even down at your local coffee shop, it’s almost automatic that you are on your phone or tablet checking for updates, communicating or using social media. It’s also automatic that you connect to WiFi.

WiFi is ready to enable the billions of IoT devices that need to connect to each other, to the internet and to billions of devices on the market today, now. Simply put, WiFi is the technology of choice in an Internet of Things future.

IOTair™ Solutions

Traditional WiFi access points have always been challenged by issues of distance (proximity) and the total number of devices (density) that can be connected at any one time.

IOTair revolutionizes IOT utilizing WiFi networks by addressing the critical issues of density, distance and capacity.

How do we do it?

IOTair™ utilizes Edgewater Wireless’ WiFi3™ next generation WiFi technology. IOTair™ delivers 3 concurrent channels of transmit and receive on a single radio and up to 6 concurrent channels on a single IOTair™ connection point. Where others attempt to add “channels” simply by “stacking radios”, IOTair™ uses all of the available channels on a single radio and increasing capacity on our IOT connection points by up to 50X over our competitors.

For network operators, this means significantly more capacity, more devices and more data across IOT networks using standards-compliant WiFi.

It also means fewer IOTair™ connecting points in any network, ensuring that networks built using IOTair™ remain low cost and less complicated – as IOT was intended to be.

IOTair™ advantages:

  • Advanced Multi-channel Connection Point – offers up to three concurrent, channels per radio and up to six channels per connection point
  • Low cost and low power
  • Standards-based, interoperable  – IOTair™ with integrated WiFi3 uses the same Wi-Fi technology used everywhere in the world and is device agnostic
  • Contollerless architecture – means each connection point can be managed individually
  • Spectral Surveillance Architecture (SSA™) – (real-time, integrated SSA) dramatically increases security by running in real time – all the time
  • Intelligent Channel Association (ICA™) – enables IOT network operators to configure each IOTair™ channel to support different media, such as voice, video or data, or different levels of quality, security, and high/low power performance
  • Location awareness – precise awareness for locationing applications
  • Load Balancing – enables the operator to offload heavily loaded channels to other channels. It offers integrated dynamic load balancing across multichannel radio architecture to deliver the highest QoS to the most users on the network
  • PowerZoning™ – with independent transmit power control per channel, APs can be configured to minimize inter-AP interference for APs that are deployed in close proximity without compromising overall network performance. It maximizes frequency planning and reuse to deliver a high performance, high QoS end user experience with the highest channel density available
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