Rural & Last Mile Wireless Infrastructure Solutions – Made Better with WiFi3

The challenges for delivering broadband wireless access to customers in rural and low-population locations is why service providers increasingly look to Edgewater Wireless.  As the demand for dedicated broadband wireless access accelerates and where traditional wireline infrastructure development is not available or cost-prohibitive, Edgewater Wireless is meeting that challenge .

Designed for quick deployment, Edgewater Wireless WiFi3 enables WISPs to deliver a cost-effective, scalable wireless broadband solution – vastly improving network infrastructure deployment, competitiveness and subscriber satisfaction – guaranteed.

Our next generation WiFi infrastructure delivers:

  • Highly secure, high flexibility WiFi3 wireless APs
  • Fully scalable carrier-class technology
  • up to 50x throughput improvement compared to existing 802.11 single-channel technology
  • Simultaneous multi-signal, multi format flexibility
  • Multiple SSIDs per channel
  • Enhanced QoS for voice, data & video
  • Full compatibility with COTS 802.11 a/b/g/n any-vendor equipment

Edgewater Wireless APs utilize WiFi3 – wideband RF and high-performance data conversion technology, based on our unique silicon solutions, permitting simultaneous access to the full 802.11 wireless spectrum. Wideband spectrum processing enables WISP access points to simultaneously communicate on multiple 802.11 bands. Additionally, wide spectrum visibility allows the Access Point to function as a network monitor/analyzer, offering the ability to identify the presence and class of other devices in the 802.11 RF environment.

WiFi3 delivers up to 50X performance improvement over single-channel access point solutions and we’ve proven it in some of the most remote and rugged environments in the world. WiFi3 is backboned by Edgewater Wireless proprietary and patented chipset – Over 20 patents and counting!. What makes our access points better? Edgewater Wireless has developed the first and only wideband radio with three independent and completely asynchronous wireless channels in both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz WiFi bands.

The WiFi3 advantage is simple, delivering unparalleled performance, unsurpassed security and highly flexible solutions for virtually any wireless services deployment. Rural Broadband Solutions, Remote Wireless Data Services, Data Offloading, Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, Mesh Networks, Hotspots – WiFi3 from Edgewater Wireless delivers clear advantages for wireless internet services.

Learn more about the advantages of WiFi3. Click here to download a our case study which highlights the performance and QoS improvements that can only be acheived with WiFi3.

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