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Today, wireless access means always fast, always secure, always on, and always accessible connectivity.  Anything less is simply inferior service.

Traditional WiFi equipment chipsets are designed for the device or handset market – drastically limiting the performance, flexibility and features delivered by the access point.  Edgewater Wireless’ next generation Smart APs, through our patented chipset – over 20 and counting, is the only wireless solution integrating WiFi3 with carrier grade access points – delivering superior performance, rich features, and greater functionality.

Edgewater Wireless’ access points are uniquely designed to manage the data traffic for stadiums, events and campus deployments.

For stadium deployments, there are inherent advantages that can only be achieved with WiFi3 technology:

  • Improving the fans’ in-game experience by offering instant video replay sent directly to their mobile device
  • In-seat food & beverage ordering
  • Mobile advertising – extending advertisers’ product and positioning from traditional signage into mobile ads
  • Offloading services for mobile service providers
  • Live video and streaming gamecast audio
  • Fan surveys interaction, contesting and voting
  • Video Surveillance, Crowd flow tracking, Stadium Services Usability Diagnostics
  • Public safety and security communications

Plus these same types of applications can be extended for any WiFi deployment – Hospitals, Education Campuses, Festivals & Events – all can benefit from the features and benefits only achievable with WiFi3.

Advanced Indoor and Outdoor Access Points:

  • Simple-to-install, unsurpassed high-capacity, highly secure wireless data bandwidth
  • Simple-to-maintain and operate, and lower CAPEX and OPEX when compared with other competing solutions
  • A “Built-in” spectral overlay network to minimize the number of truck-rolls needed to optimize network performance
  • The maximum and most efficient “Bandwidth Density” of any similar appliance over a given coverage area
  • Multiple products and application options available for optimized cost/performance deployment

To learn more about Edgewater Wireless real-world customer success, please click here to read our latest case study.

If you require a fully integrated stadium, event venue, hospital, or campus network – Edgewater Wireless’ Smart APs deliver; always fast, always secure, always on  WiFi access coupled with ironclad security needed in today’s market.


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