Service Providers

High Value Services Require Unparalleled Network Performance

Edgewater Wireless helps Service Providers eliminate the challenges of meeting your customers’ ever-changing needs. By leveraging our next generation WiFi3 technology you can evolve your network, and prepare for growth while benefiting from the the advancements you can achieve only with WiFi3.

Benefiting from WiFi3 technology for vastly improved service delivery.

As a service provider, you need to make a technology choice and investment aligned with the demands of modern mobile data usage. Your customers require a seamless broadband experience with high QoS – downstream and upstream. You want access point technology that can satisfy your customers while minimizing capital investment (CapEx) and reducing ongoing operational costs (OpEx). Edgewater Wireless Access Points, integrated with WiFi3, allow service providers to leverage next generation WiFi technology combing the higher throughput for data services with a much lower cost of deployment, management and maintenance.

WiFi3 delivers up to 50X performance improvement over single-channel access point solutions. WiFi3 is backboned by Edgewater Wireless proprietary and patented chipset. What makes our access points better? Edgewater Wireless has developed the first and only wideband radio with three independent and completely asynchronous wireless channels in both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz WiFi bands.

The WiFi3 advantage is simple, delivering unparalleled performance, unsurpassed security and highly flexible solutions for virtually any wireless services deployment. Data Offloading, Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, Mesh Networks, Hotspots – WiFi3 from Edgewater Wireless delivers clear advantages for today and TOMORROW’S wireless services.

Learn more about the advantages of WiFi3. Click here to download a technical overview of the Features & Benefits of WiFi3

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