Speed, security and integrity of the networks that drive private and public sector business by delivering voice, data and video across the enterprise is critical in today’s economy. Edgewater Systems offers next generation, carrier-grade WiFi solutions including; Point to Point, Point to Multipoint and Integrated Backhaul solutions for Enterprise Networks.

Edgewater Wireless WiFi3 solutions deliver over 50x the aggregate throughput when compared with single channel. The speed and high security of Edgewater Wireless’ WiFi3 enabled products enable Enterprise Network Operators to drastically improve network performance, flexibility and security.

WiFi3 has innumerable applications for the modern enterprise – Secure point to point, RFID Tracking, remote video surveillance, emergency disaster preparedness, general WiFi services and wireless integrated backhaul applications are driving the demand for Edgewater Wireless solutions for Enterprise customers.

Enterprise WiFi Solutions from Edgewater Wireless

Reducing network infrastructure investment while improving security, data integrity and QoS are vital to the modern enterprise wireless network. Edgewater Wireless Enterprise Solutions offer easy deployment, scalability and high security – integral to the enterprise.

Edgewater Wireless offers next generation WiFi3 wireless solutions across a broad spectrum of industry verticals.

  • Government & Defense
  • Transportation
  • Enterprise Point to Point & Point to Multi-point
  • Utilities Metering & Monitoring
  • Mining & Oil Remote Exploration

WiFi3 delivers over 50X performance improvement over single-channel access point solutions and is backboned by Edgewater Wireless proprietary and patented chipset – Over 20 patents and counting!.

What makes our access points better?

The WiFi3 advantage is simple, delivering unparalleled performance, unsurpassed security and highly flexible solutions for virtually any WiFi deployment. Rural Broadband Solutions, Remote Wireless Data Services, Data Offloading, Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, Mesh Networks, Hotspots – WiFi3 from Edgewater Wireless delivers clear advantages for wireless services.

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