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Improve QoS

Is your WiFi network suffering from intense data demand?  You can dramatically improve QoS for all users with WiFi3™.

Future-proof Networks

Wireless data demand is intensifying. You need to build a high density network that can handle more users and more data.

Cut Through the Clutter

WiFi3™ cuts through interference in dense/complex RF environments, while boosting network performance and keeping users happy & connected.

Manage The Load

Delivering the highest channel density in the industry, with 3 to 6 channels of concurrent transmit and receive. WiFi3™ powered wireless access points handle the intense data demand of high density wireless networks.

Unbeatable Performance

Our access points perform better under pressure because we’ve engineered a better WiFi chip.

Security & Performance Advantage

Integrated, real-time spectral surveillance architecture keeps you on-top of your network while scanning for intrusions, rogue APs and more.

Discover the WiFi3TM Advantage

Capacity has become a significant challenge in wireless networks because of the overwhelming demand for data. Intensify your WiFi with WiFi3™ and deliver better service at a lower cost to more users.

Build better networks with fewer access points, more channels and no painful licensing.


WiFi3™ from Edgewater Wireless

1000s of Users with Fewer APs

With WiFi3™ you can deliver better QoS and service more users with less APs.

Bringing your total cost of service delivery down and your lifetime operations and maintenance costs up to 50% lower than our competitors’ boxes.

WiFi Security That Works

ADVANCED INTRUSION DETECTION is “onboard” every Edgewater Wireless WiFi3™ router to continuously scan for potential security issues. More importantly, with built-in security there’s no need to invest in additional APs, licenses, controllers. All of which, reduces your up front investment and long term maintenance costs.

Highest Channel Density on the Market. Period.

Simply put, we put more channels on a single radio. More channels means WiFi3™ wireless access points can handle more users and more data demand. And, we do it with fewer access points.

Think about it. More users with fewer access points and reduced upfront investment. Sounds too good to be true. Contact us today and we will show you how it’s done.

High Density WiFi

Speed, Performance, Quality & Security. Your users want it all and they want it all right now. If your WiFi network is breaking down under the density load when you need it most, connect with Edgewater Wireless and ask about our free trial of WiFi3™.

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